T-2221 CD/MP3 Player with Tuner

* Standard cabinet-type CD, MP3 (with USB and SD card interfaces) and radio integrated playback equi..

₪1,620.00 Ex Tax: ₪1,620.00

T-6203 Voice Alarm and Recorder Panel

The T-6203 is a voice alarm panel especially suitable for small voice alarm system. It will bro..

₪0.00 Ex Tax: ₪0.00

T-6212(A) Paging Controller with Speaker Selector

* Built-in 10 zone selector and paging selector, which can be expanded to 300 zones. * Work together..

₪1,992.00 Ex Tax: ₪1,992.00

T-7723 IP Network Fire Alarm Interface

Used in Fire service center to acquire firm alarm circuit...

₪0.00 Ex Tax: ₪0.00

TK-200 Desktop Microphone Stand


₪66.00 Ex Tax: ₪66.00

TK-300 Microphone Floor Stand


₪240.00 Ex Tax: ₪240.00

TS-02A Professional Loudspeaker Wall Mounted Bracket >= 10"

The accessory is suitable for  * TS-112, TS-610, TS-612, TS-615, TS-810, TS-812, TS-815...

₪168.00 Ex Tax: ₪168.00

TS-02B Professional Loudspeaker Wall Mounted Bracke < 10"

The Accessory Is Suitable for *TS-8A, TS-8AW, TS-608H, TS-606H, TS-608A, TS-608, TS-606M, TS-608M...

₪156.00 Ex Tax: ₪156.00

V-8P Mounting Box for Volume Control

Product Model V-8 V-8P ..

₪0.00 Ex Tax: ₪0.00
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