Wired Mic

T-216 Six zones paging microphone

* Zone selection button: User could choose any zone from one to six, and also all zone.* Call button..

₪1,056.00 Ex Tax: ₪1,056.00

T-218 (A) Remote Paging Microphone

The T-218 is a high performance remote zone paging console that works with zone paging controller T-..

₪1,080.00 Ex Tax: ₪1,080.00

T-319 Remote Paging Microphone

The remote paging microphone is a high-sensitivity desktop condenser induction microphone that can c..

₪936.00 Ex Tax: ₪936.00

T-328 Remote Zone Paging Mic

The T-328 remote paging console works together with T-6245 mixer for remote control and announcement..

₪1,020.00 Ex Tax: ₪1,020.00

T-4012 Remote 4 Zone Paging Microphone

The T-4012 is a remote paging microphone with 4 zone capacity for T-4060MP and T-4120MP amplifiers o..

₪1,188.00 Ex Tax: ₪1,188.00

T-511D Condenser tabletop microphone


₪432.00 Ex Tax: ₪432.00

T-511F Condenser tabletop microphone


₪432.00 Ex Tax: ₪432.00

T-521A Microphone (Built-in chime)


₪492.00 Ex Tax: ₪492.00

T-521B Handheld Micrphone


₪216.00 Ex Tax: ₪216.00

T-621A Condenser tabletop microphone


₪408.00 Ex Tax: ₪408.00

T-7702A Touch Screen Desktop Intercom Paging Microphone

Suitable for a variety of call centers, alarm centers, duty room, leadership offices, meeting rooms ..

₪0.00 Ex Tax: ₪0.00

TS-331 Wired Handheld Microphone


₪468.00 Ex Tax: ₪468.00

TS-338 Desktop Microphone


₪324.00 Ex Tax: ₪324.00
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